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The following services are provided by the Law Office of Angelo Paul Sevarino. To review each service click the link below:

Preparation of comprehensive workers’ compensation Medicare Set-aside for future work-related medical services and prescription drug charges that would be otherwise payable or reimbursable by Medicare. Utilized with or without CMS Referral service.

Preparation of comprehensive workers’ compensation Medicare Set-aside for future accident related medical services and prescription drug charges that would be otherwise payable or reimbursable by Medicare.

Comprehensive reconciliation of Part A & B Medicare conditional payments from filing claim with the Coordination of Benefits and Recovery Center(COBC), obtaining and reconciling conditional payment letter(s), negotiation with COBC to obtain final demand letter from the COBC to resolve any issues.

Full referral service to obtain CMS approval of WCMSA submission

This service provides both a case evaluation and settlement demand for both the indemnity and medical components of your workers' compensation case. Evaluation is provided by a Board Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist and includes settlement value range and proposed demand figures. The evaluation will also explore the components of Social Security Offset and Medicare Set-asides as they relate to the particular case

Preparation of settlement documents including Stipulation/Release, as well as, critical client disclosure documents including the Informed Consent and Notice of Consequences of Settlement.

If your client will receive either periodic or lump sum workers' compensation payments or public disability benefits concurrently while receiving Social Security Disability benefits your client may be subject to having those important Social Security Disability monthly benefits reduced by what is known as "offset." The Social Security Administration will recognize four different options to help mitigate, if not eliminate this offset.

My office will calculate, using the method most favorable to the client, so as to mitigate if not eliminate the offset from your client’s workers’ compensation or public disability benefit settlement and prepare appropriate language for inclusion in the settlement document

I provide expert testimony and legal opinion letters regarding workers' compensation, Social Security and Medicare matters (Medicare Set-asides and Medicare conditional payments) in both the civil and workers' compensation forums.

More often than not my office provides expert testimony services to attorneys who are well into the preparation of a case but have encountered legal or factual issues that present problems often because of recent revisions to the laws governing these issues. These include, but are not limited to, valuation of the indemnity and medical components of the case, issue analysis, coverage analysis, proximate causation, present cash value calculation for indemnity and future medical components, Medicare Set-aside valuations and analysis and Medicare conditional payment reconciliation.

I have authored a legal treatise on workers' compensation in Connecticut since 1993 and have published three texts in the field of Medicare Set-Asides and Social Security Offsets since 2004 which allows my office to keep fully apprised of and provide a clear understanding to assist the factfinder in understanding all the reforms made in recent years

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