Connecticut Workers’ Compensation After Reforms – Centennial Edition

By Angelo Paul Sevarino
Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist

Edited by Joseph J. Passaretti, Jr., Esq.

Now in its Centennial Edition this comprehensive definitive 5 volume set released in September 2012 will assist you in advising your client, whether a claimant, insurance company, self-insured employer, managed medical care provider or union representative in the latest developments in the field of workers’ compensation law.

Throughout the volumes you’ll find reliable and updated references to applicable statutes, regulations, public act legislative changes and important case law. This reference guide, originally published in 1993, provides you under one title references to thousands of CRB, Superior, Appellate and Supreme Court cases which are updated annually to keep you current. In addition updated practice forms, motions and important resource guides are included with critical commentary offered by both Attorney Sevarino and Attorney Passaretti.

This is the original definitive reference manual to the who, what, when, where and why of workers’ compensation law as practiced in the State of Connecticut and is referenced by the various

Summary of Contents

-Important legislative changes to keep you current -Penalties, sanctions, interest and attorney’s fees
-Getting through the managed medical care maze -Notice of Claim, Form 30C
-Disclaimer, Form 43, Motion to Preclude -Discontinuance of benefits, Form 36
-Fraud -Wrongful discharge
-ADA, CCHRO/EEOC claims -Family Medical Leave Act
-Informal, Formal hearings – practice and procedure -Appeals – from Petition and beyond
-Employee v. Independent Contractor -Exclusivity and Third Party actions
-Developing the medical case -Investigation and development of the claim
-Second Injury Fund -Connecticut Guarantee Fund
-State/Municipal special benefits -Heart and Hypertension benefits
-Stress Claims -Rehabilitation, physical and vocational
-Stipulations and Commutations -Social Security/SSI/Medicare/Medicaid Offsets
-Medicare Set Aside/Special Needs Trusts -Intervention, Subrogation and Liens
-Child Support/Alimony considerations -Structured settlements/Valuation of case
-Regulations -Practice checklists, forms and motion practice
-Bankruptcy -The Chair, Commissioners and Advisory Board

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